Maundy Thursday

Mark 9:30 – 10:52

Q: Where do you see the struggle for power and the easy resort to defamation and violence in our world today? In what ways does fear poison our relationships at home and at school, work and in the larger world? What one thing would you ask God to change about your life or the world? How can you contribute to making that happen?

Prayer: Use us, God, as instruments of peace in a world too often broken by violence and a thirst for power. Amen.


Mark 8:22 – 9:29

Q: What strengthens us to keep faith with those we care about? What tempts us to abandon them? Where have you felt abandoned? Where do you need the support of good friends? Who needs you?

Prayer: God, protect and preserve us in this world that we might keep faith with the promises and responsibilities we have undertaken, and when we feel alone remind us that you understand and are with us. Amen.


Mark 6:7 – 8:21

Q: What difference does the Lord’s Supper make in our lives? Does the meal we share on Sunday nourish our lives in the world? If so, how? If not, how might it? When have you last seen someone who needed a tangible expression of God’s love? How can you help that person realize how precious they are to God?

Prayer: God, thank you for the gift of your own body and blood. Let that gift strengthen us in the knowledge that you love us more than anything. Amen.


Mark 3:13 – 6:6

Q: Where do we see hostility and betrayal in our world? Is there anything that would be worth it to you to betray a friend? What small betrayals have we been ensnared by, and how can we make amends for them?

Prayer: God, prevent us from allowing our bitterness or disappointment to lead us to harm others whether in thought or deed. Amen.

Palm Sunday

This daily reading will allow you to experience all the Gospel of Mark during Holy Week in about 15 min per day. It is an opportunity to dive deeply into Jesus story and center your faith in the current time. Our world whirls with chaos. Jesus calls us to enter deeply into the world but not to conform to it. Jesus says, “Peace,” and that is what we are given. Through Jesus’ power we become conduits for Jesus’ peace and love.

Mark 1.1 – 3.12

Q: Jump from Jerusalem in Jesus time to 2020: What do we celebrate as having the potential to save us? Celebrities, political figures, athletes, technology? What do we do when we are disappointed in our hopes?

Prayer: God, keep our attention on those things that nurture life and lead us to greater fellowship with you and with each other. Amen.