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Author: Kjell Ferris

Maundy Thursday

Mark 9:30 – 10:52 Q: Where do you see the struggle for power and the easy resort to defamation and violence in our world today?

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Mark 8:22 – 9:29 Q: What strengthens us to keep faith with those we care about? What tempts us to abandon them? Where have you

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Mark 6:7 – 8:21 Q: What difference does the Lord’s Supper make in our lives? Does the meal we share on Sunday nourish our lives

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Mark 3:13 – 6:6 Q: Where do we see hostility and betrayal in our world? Is there anything that would be worth it to you

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Palm Sunday

This daily reading will allow you to experience all the Gospel of Mark during Holy Week in about 15 min per day. It is an

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