Why we say, “Black Lives Matter.”

As Christians we are commanded by God to stand with the most vulnerable in our world, with those at the margins of our society. In the United States of America one of those groups is people of color in particular black people.

In order for slavery to work, in order for us to buy, sell, beat, and trade people like animals, Americans had to completely dehumanize slaves. And whether we directly participated in that or were simply a member of a culture that at one time normalized that behavior, it shaped us.

We can’t undo that level of dehumanizing in one or two generations. We believe Black Lives Matter is a movement to rehumanize black citizens. All lives matter, but not all lives need to be pulled back into moral inclusion. Not all people were subjected to the psychological process of demonizing and being made less than human so we could justify the inhumane practice of slavery.  And so we say, “Black Lives Matter.”

Holy Saturday

Mark 13:1 – 15:47

What needs resurrecting in your life? What makes it hard to turn this over to God and trust that God will bring you, too, through death to new life?

Prayer: Lord God, remind us of your presence with us when we stumble, suffer, or are afraid in any way. Give us strength, courage, and peace, and help us to be an encouragement. Amen.

Good Friday

Mark 11:1 – 12:44

Q: How does Jesus’ death tell the truth about our lives and world? How does it give us hope? Where do you see God still at work to redeem and preserve creation? Where do you long to see God?

Prayer: God, on the cross you suffered the very depths of our human life, even to the point of death. When we see the cross, let us remember that you become one of us and endured all elements of life to show us your great love and to give us hope. Amen.

Maundy Thursday

Mark 9:30 – 10:52

Q: Where do you see the struggle for power and the easy resort to defamation and violence in our world today? In what ways does fear poison our relationships at home and at school, work and in the larger world? What one thing would you ask God to change about your life or the world? How can you contribute to making that happen?

Prayer: Use us, God, as instruments of peace in a world too often broken by violence and a thirst for power. Amen.