FAITH IN DAILY LIFE –  Jason Tofteland

By Joni Sutton

What do computer science, math, IT consulting, and data analysis have to do with
living one’s vocation? This month, we’ll find out from Peace member Jason Tofteland.


On a farm that had stayed in his family for 100 years, Jason grew up near Luverne,Minnesota, where his parents raised pigs and grew corn and soybeans. In 2020, going to the farm was a favorite activity for the family, where the children could have the freedom to run and play outdoors (the farm was sold this past summer). Jason attended Concordia College, where he completed his computer science and math degrees. He and his wife Kate moved to Plymouth in 2017 and joined Peace not long after that. Jason and Kate have three children: Sadie (9), Simon (5), and Sloane (3).

Jason works in IT consulting, with his most recent work centered on data and
analytics. He helps clients bridge the gap between business processes and IT solutions and works to help clients better manage and analyze their data. Jason feels that his vocation revolves around problem-solving for analytical requests. He says that he enjoys “digging in and understanding how clients can better leverage the data they have to make informed decisions.” He tells us that the work he does is often like a puzzle, where it takes time and patience to find all the right pieces and align them in just the right way. He finds it to be gratifying when the puzzle comes together. However, it can be very challenging when all of the pieces are not available, and he needs to try to find alternatives to fill in the gaps. Jason is currently the treasurer on our Church Council, and he also helps with the video streaming we have on Sunday mornings. He says that his vocation’s technical and analytical parts have been beneficial in these roles.

When asked what thriving looks like to him, Jason says that thriving is “finding the right balance
of work achievements and having time to enjoy family while watching my kids grow up.” He adds that
he has grown to appreciate the family experiences more and moreover the past few years.

Jason’s older brother, Ryan, was diagnosed with ALS in 2016. “He had always been the big brother I
looked up to while growing up, and I was especially impressed with his strength and demeanor
through his battle with ALS.” Jason says that Ryan lived life to its fullest and maintained a
positive attitude as his body slowly lost the battle to ALS over four years. He passed away in
February 2020. “During his ALS journey it brought our family even closer together and we learned
to cherish the moments we had with one another,” he says.

One of the core values at the company where Jason works is, “Do what is right,
always.” This is a work expectation that Jason has quickly aligned with his faith. He says he
relies on this statement when working on a complex project. “My faith helps provide the patience
and calmness to work through difficult solutions with clients, and to empathize with the added
stress that they must be feeling when making tough decisions,” he tells us. It is also a
wonderful reminder outside of work and a value that Jason has applied as much as he can in all
aspects of his life.

Thank you, Jason, for all you do at Peace, for your family, and for your clients. Thank you, too, for
reminding us to do what is right, always.