Vocation in Bloom – Myra Rusten

Have you noticed the lovely flower arrangements in our sanctuary? Or the
beautiful wreaths on our front doors during the Christmas season? These are all the work of Peace member Myra Rusten, a woman who is clearly living her vocation.

After losing her job of thirty-three years in medical research, due to departmental reductions at the University of Minnesota, Myra was anxious about work and finances. Through prayer she felt she was called to “do what was in front of me” and a friend invited her to a one evening class
on floral design. She loved being around flowers and floral design and
pursued a diploma in Floral Arts and Sciences, which she completed in

Continuing to pray, and continuing to do what was in front of her, she
took a position at Dundee Nursery and shortly after that began arranging
the flowers for Peace. “Doing the flowers for Peace was my gift to God. I
wanted to do my best for God’s altar with His flowers to please Him,” she
says. Myra now has her own floral business, Flowers by Myra.

2019 was Myra’s third year of doing a floral interpretation of an art piece at
the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their annual Art in Bloom celebration.
Her design was for the “Blessing of the Tuna Fleet at Groix” by Paul Signac
(1923). It was a perfect fit for Myra, who loves impressionistic art as well as sailing. “Standing next to this great impressionist painting, doing a floral design interpretation was inspiring, creative and a joy,” she says. A bonus was that she received Art in Bloom’s 2019 People’s Choice Award.

God continues to provide, and Myra is enjoying the creative opportunities to design with flowers. “It seems to be an ongoing effort to trust God. Why is that? You would think by now I would know throughout my being that God is providing and taking care of us and continues to bless us and care for us…the practice of faith!” Peace is very grateful that Myra continues to live out her vocation for floral design at our church. May we all learn to do what is in front of us!

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