Acts 1:11 “Why do you stand here looking up at the sky?” After Jesus had ascended into heaven, these are the words the angel spoke to the disciples as they stood there with eyes locked on the clouds. Imagine that for a moment.

There has been lots of talk about normal–waiting for things to return to a “known” normal or a “new” normal, some even suggesting there is no normal ahead. In effect, all of these “normals” are us “looking up at the sky.”

Our views of normal are strongly influenced by the impact this crisis is having on us. For some of us this is a rough patch. For many others—especially vulnerable populations in fragile communities—this is a catastrophe. Being in this together means moving beyond “looking up at the sky” and into talking about purpose, asking, “Whom do we serve, and why?
This question opens us up to collaborating with other ministry partners, clarifying our needs and the needs of others, and encouraging innovation in how those needs can best be met.

Asking “Whom do we serve, and why?” is what needs to be held constant as we feel our way forward and as we continue worship by video streaming, connecting by phone, and gathering online. Being a community and serving the community, we never forget we are in this together and God is with
us. This COVID-19 time is strengthening our resolve to be a church that lives by faith, is known by love, and brings hope to the world.

Christ’s Peace,

Pastor Kjell