The 7 Faith Practices

Practicing our faith isn’t a one day a week commitment by attending church on Sundays. In this series we will learn a bit about these seven ancient practices, and you will be encouraged to try these practices yourself. Through this series you may find ways to stretch yourself a bit, or ideas to integrate new ideas and experiences into your everyday life.

Prayer — Oriented toward God
Romans 8: 22-27, with Grace Pardun Alworth, July 26

Food — Eating with Jesus
Romans 14: 6-9, with Pastor Kjell Ferris, August 2

Worship — Seeking God’s Presence
Matthew 11: 28-30, August 9

Sacraments — A Tapestry of Traditions
Hebrews 4: 14-16, with Grace Pardun Alworth, August 16

Money — The Joy of Sharing
Matthew 6: 25-27, with Pastor Lee Yarger, August 23

Service — The Needs Right Around You
Phillipians 2: 1-8, with Pastor Kjell Ferris, August 30

Community — An Unexpected Family
Romans 12: 4-8, with Melissa Weinhandl, September 6