Well it seemed like we were waiting for the trip to get here. Plans started almost a year ago and today was the last work day here in the DR (Dominican Republic). When we look back over the past week it seems like a dream, it we know it’s only been 7 days. Last Saturday, we said good bye to our families and traveled here and on Monday we started building the three homes with our Dominican Families. Today, we completed them and prayed over them and welcomed them to a new way of life.

We also, took part of the day and went for a hike up the mountain, through the river and to the homes we built over the past 2 years.

I pray you enjoy the photos and know the joy we had this past week. Everyone is sad to leave here, but, we also look forward to seeing everyone when we get home.

Continued prayers for our safe travel, for our families we have met and are living in the DR and for Servidores Mundiales and their mission to improve the lives of the people here.

DR2020 Team