Today was a much more relaxed day that yesterday. The homes are well along and we are doing final touches to get ready to turn them over to the homeowners on Friday.

We also split the home teams so that we could do Kids Club in both the morning and the afternoon. We did a bible story for them from Matthew 22 on the greatest commandment. The play we did went well and we also played ball, hacky sack, jump rope and bubbles. At the end we did crafts with them. It was so much fun and they had such big smiles on their faces.

For dinner this evening, we invited all the families of the homes we were helping build to a dinner in their honor at the community center. We sat at a long banquet table and served them their dinner. For many of them, this is the first meal they have ever had served to them. We shared how we felt they were part of our family and hoped we were part of theirs. We gave them gifts to place in their home. A plaque that shared the great commandment that we did for the school and rocks from Lake Superior that we have used for prayer over the week. It is a special time and so much fun to get together outside the home site.

Thanks for your continued prayers for safety and to have our eyes open to where the Lord would have us serve.

DR2020 Team