What a perfect day.  The weather is fantastic, mid 80’s, a light breeze, plenty of sunshine and everyone has an attitude of serving the Lord in whatever way they can.  We’ve met so many people here, family members from each home are coming to help.  Kids are coming to pound nails, do crafts and play games with us.  Besides all that, the homes are being done in record time.  All 3 homes have gone from block walls to being all framed, siding on inside and out, the roofs complete and we are 1 day ahead for doing concrete floors.  So on Wednesday, we’ll have all members start at house 1 to do the floors then on to houses 2 and 3.  We’ll all be sore from the mixing and carrying the buckets of cement, but, we are all looking forward to it.

We hope you enjoy the photos and ask for continued prayers of safety and keeping our eyes open to share Gods love to all we meet.

DR2020 Team