Day 3 photos in album here!

Today was a good day, no a GREEAT day.  Today we got started on the 3 homes we are helping build with the families in the Dominican Republic.  Shortly after breakfast the tools were loaded into the trucks and we started our 30 minutes drive to the community we will be working in.  Everyone in the group stopped at each job site and met the families and got a chance to see or hear where they were currently living.  It was such a pleasure to meet them and gain a connection that is difficult to explain unless you were there.

The family living in house two, the mother was at the doctor when we arrived, as she is due to have a baby boy next week.  If you can imagine, she was 8 plus months pregnant and they tore down the house they were living in and a new house is being built in its place.  She is going to have the baby next week and will come back to a new home.  All 3 houses will be complete and ready for them to move in on Friday.

Today all the homes were framed, the siding has been started and the roofs are all up.  We are thinking that our Dominican partners will have installed the metal roofing before we get there in the morning.  It’s amazing to see how much work has been done in only a few hours. To God be the glory.

Each night we spend time in worship, prayer and small groups.  Each person on the team is growing in faith and learning about their place in Gods kingdom here on earth.

Continued prayers for the team and all we are working with for safety and keeping our eyes open to see the face of God in all we do.

DR2020 Team