What makes a home? The people, stuff, safety? Is it a place to “land” after a busy day? 17 people (5 from Peace Lutheran) are headed to the Dominican Republic to build houses but the prayer is that they will be homes. Safe places for the families to gather, laugh and rest together.

Our partnership with Lord of Life Lutheran Church and Maple Grove Covenant Church means we are building three homes in one week. It takes about five people working with the homeowners and community members to build one house in a week. Okay that is mostly true–the locals have the foundation (pictured) and cinderblock portion of the walls completed when we arrive.

It technology and connectivity allow we will be sending updates every day. Giving you a picture of the people and location where we are working, learning and receiving God’s love.

Time after time when I talk with people, coming back from a service trip like this, I hear, “I have received so much more than I gave.” There is an overwhelming sense of community, love and gratitude that comes with this kind of service. That is what I am looking forward to.