Martin Luther King Jr. lived a life of love. On MLK day 2020 Donzaleigh Abernathy, King’s niece, spoke at Gustavus College telling her story of growing up with her Uncle Martin and the love he shared with the world. Click here to hear her talk.
As we seek to live out Christ’s love we see people who give us a glimpses of God’s love. Martin Luther King continues to be one of those people, shedding light on our lives and world. Today is a great day to thank those people in our lives and to step out in faith on behalf of love.  
Donzaleigh named Global Climate Change as the great challenge of our time, yes there is still work needed to end racism but Climate Change disproportionately effects people of color and poverty. Donzaleigh also lifted up the powerful role of women and girls who are leading with courage, imagination and moral clarity. 
Below is a picture of Donzaleigh Abernathy as a child walking with Martin Luther King and her father.