Tonight I am sleeping out with clergy from the Plymouth area to raise awareness about homelessness. On a number of occasions I have slept out for over a week.  This picture is from a twelve day camping trip in the Redwoods of California back in 2012. Cooking out of the back of a minivan, shuffling through bags to find “clean” clothes and looking for open camp-sites. Sleeping out and homelessness might have some similarities, but lots of differences fore sure. Tonight we will gather round a fire and share stories and food while building relationships between our faith communities. We will wake up cold and stiff but we will be headed to warm offices or even going home to clean up. These sorts of events give me a glimpse into how hard homelessness is for an individual or families and how vulnerable you are when you fall between the cracks of society. 

Jesus was always hanging out with and working to make a difference for those who fall between the cracks.  Claimed by Jesus’ love and called to work for the thriving of my neighbor–I seek to act.  First by donating to organizations like Interfaith Outreach.  Second by talking with my elected officials so they know I value affordable housing.