Peace’s foundational claim is that, in the waters of Holy Baptism, each person has been claimed by God’s grace alone and called to lives of service for the well-being of our neighbor and the world God loves.  Starting with the fall, Grace & Vocation sermon series and small group study and continuing into 2020, Peace is increasing focus on this theological claim.  To hone that focus and do what matters on a daily basis to get better results Peace is engaging the help of Vibrant Faith Ministries, a church consulting organization.  Through the Vision Team, Val Sorenson, Inger Trooien, Janelle Leppa, Pastor Kjell, Kate Tofteland (not pictured) and Jen Stoffel (not pictured), Peace will clarify our identity, strengths, challenges, and opportunities for ministry, and develop a written strategic plan that guides the congregation toward living into its mission, vision, and values.
  With council the team members will:

  • Assess the congregation’s uniqueness and strengths through interviews, surveys and observations of its norms.
  • Listen and learn about the local community and how the church might serve and connect with its residents.
  • Host a visioning retreat designed to clarify congregational priorities
  • Create a ministry plan or road map to guide the congregation’s efforts for the next 3 years.
  • Introduce the plan to the congregation and assist members with discerning how they might contribute to its fulfillment.

Please keep the Vision Team and their work in your prayers and look for the upcoming dates to participate in the conversations.