There are a number of misconceptions about the Bible, that start when we try to make the Bible do something it wasn’t created for. The Bible is a book of faith, it doesn’t seek to be a science or history textbook.  If you make the Bible be a science book then you have to explain things like dinosaurs, evolution and the age of earth using the Bible and that leads to people fabricating truth in order to support their beliefs.  For example some Christians say everything is in the Bible, so there fore if it isn’t in the Bible it isn’t real.  Well the Bible doesn’t talk about dinosaursso they say, “dinosaurs aren’t real,” and they makeup stories to try and explain how the fossils are fake.  Because their faith is connected with this misconception they have to make up stories trying to prove dinosaurs aren’t real.  Dinosaurs are real and the Bible doesn’t talk about them because paleontology isn’t the Bible business.  The Bible tell us about God and God’s love for us.  
Another misconceptions happens when you try to determine the age of the earth by reading the Bible.  I’m going to give you  a little test.  Are you ready?  Is the Bible a geology text book? — The answer, of course, is, “No.”  God gives us vocation, calling us to serve and take care of the earth.  Part of our vocation is our work and those who ask questions about the age of the earth, studying rocks and meteorite material, have determined earth is 4.5 billion years old.  
There are other misconceptions and a good tool for recognizing them is to ask, “Is the statement using the Bible as a book of faith or science/history textbook?”  If text book then likely misconception.  I might be wrong but this is a good rule of thumb.  The Bible is very good at what it sets out to do.  The Bible tells us story after story of God’s love and faithfulness, how God wants joy in our lives.