Dominican Republic Mission Trip – Day 8

We got up early today and drove across the Dominican Republic, from San Cristobal to Punta Cana.  To say our group is a little out of place here is an understatement.  We flew down with some of the group of travelers last week, but, they stayed on the beach and an all inclusive and we stayed in the mountains.  Their experience was good, but, I believe ours was better. We’re on the plane and heading home.

Continued prayers for our safe travel and praise fir all our Lord did through us during the week.

Make sure to ask each of us how the trip went, we’d love to share our experiences with you.

DR2020 Tram

Dominican Republic Mission Trip – Day 7

Well it seemed like we were waiting for the trip to get here. Plans started almost a year ago and today was the last work day here in the DR (Dominican Republic). When we look back over the past week it seems like a dream, it we know it’s only been 7 days. Last Saturday, we said good bye to our families and traveled here and on Monday we started building the three homes with our Dominican Families. Today, we completed them and prayed over them and welcomed them to a new way of life.

We also, took part of the day and went for a hike up the mountain, through the river and to the homes we built over the past 2 years.

I pray you enjoy the photos and know the joy we had this past week. Everyone is sad to leave here, but, we also look forward to seeing everyone when we get home.

Continued prayers for our safe travel, for our families we have met and are living in the DR and for Servidores Mundiales and their mission to improve the lives of the people here.

DR2020 Team

Dominican Republic Mission Trip – Day 6

Today was a much more relaxed day that yesterday. The homes are well along and we are doing final touches to get ready to turn them over to the homeowners on Friday.

We also split the home teams so that we could do Kids Club in both the morning and the afternoon. We did a bible story for them from Matthew 22 on the greatest commandment. The play we did went well and we also played ball, hacky sack, jump rope and bubbles. At the end we did crafts with them. It was so much fun and they had such big smiles on their faces.

For dinner this evening, we invited all the families of the homes we were helping build to a dinner in their honor at the community center. We sat at a long banquet table and served them their dinner. For many of them, this is the first meal they have ever had served to them. We shared how we felt they were part of our family and hoped we were part of theirs. We gave them gifts to place in their home. A plaque that shared the great commandment that we did for the school and rocks from Lake Superior that we have used for prayer over the week. It is a special time and so much fun to get together outside the home site.

Thanks for your continued prayers for safety and to have our eyes open to where the Lord would have us serve.

DR2020 Team

Dominican Republic Mission Trip – Day 5

DR Mission Trip 2020 – Day 5 Update

We had rain last night and woke up to on and off showers as we were getting on the truck to take us to the job sites. By the time we got to the homes, the sun was out and the temperature was rising.

Today we did something different than other trips. It was concrete day, meaning we mixed concrete on the ground and carried the cement with buckets into the home to do the floors. In the past, each team did their own home. Today, we stayed together as the large team and did each home as a group. This was so much more fun, even the other Homeowner’s, went from home to home to help. We shoveled sand, mixed in the cement and carried the concrete all day. Everyone is very tired and has sore mussels, but, it was so enjoyable.

As the first home, the kids drew pictures with watercolors and gave them to Annie for us. Such a sweet thing to do and so fun to look at. At the third home, the kids walk by the home after school and they stop to do crafts and talk with us. It is so fun to see their faces and have them interact with each of us.

For worship tonight, we sang some songs and the reading was about darkness. Just before we were to do the reading, the power went out, so we read it by flash light and then listened to a song from Hillsong United “So Will I (100 Billion X)”. Find it and listen to it. This was what we listened to for our quiet time.

Tomorrow is an exciting day, Kids Club. We will go to a school in the community to share a bible story, play games and do a craft. Part of us will do the morning session and part will do the afternoon session. Each day we drive by the school and wave to the kids and say hola to them. They know we are coming and are so exited to see us.

Thanks for your continued prayers for safety and community building between the team and the community we are in.

DR2020 Team

Dominican Republic Mission Trip – Day 4

What a perfect day.  The weather is fantastic, mid 80’s, a light breeze, plenty of sunshine and everyone has an attitude of serving the Lord in whatever way they can.  We’ve met so many people here, family members from each home are coming to help.  Kids are coming to pound nails, do crafts and play games with us.  Besides all that, the homes are being done in record time.  All 3 homes have gone from block walls to being all framed, siding on inside and out, the roofs complete and we are 1 day ahead for doing concrete floors.  So on Wednesday, we’ll have all members start at house 1 to do the floors then on to houses 2 and 3.  We’ll all be sore from the mixing and carrying the buckets of cement, but, we are all looking forward to it.

We hope you enjoy the photos and ask for continued prayers of safety and keeping our eyes open to share Gods love to all we meet.

DR2020 Team