Frequently Asked Questions

What do we believe? Peace Lutheran is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). For information on teaching, theology, social statements, and more, visit the ELCA website.

What is worship like?  Worship is a time of celebration—we gather as the family of Jesus with no judgments.  Worship starts with songs, spoken words and scripture, followed by a message from a pastor, that empowers you to connect your faith to daily life.  Worship typically lasts an hour.

What about kids?  All children are always welcome in worship but we understand there are some mornings it just doesn’t work and that’s okay—childcare is available.

What do I wear? Some folks will be wearing jeans, others will dress-up.  Wear what makes you feel comfortable, and let’s worship together.

What should I do my first visit?  We encourage you to arrive 10 minutes before worship.  There will be a smiling person at the door to show you around and help you get situated.

Interested in becoming a member? You are welcome here! Welcome Classes to get connected are held regularly.  E-mail Kjell or call the office: 763.478.9406