Thank You!

Dear Peace of Plymouth Community,

Our church is closing its doors after 45 years, but the love and memories we’ve shared will forever be a part of us.

🌿 Starting Together:

Forty-five years ago, our church began as a vision for unity and compassion.

It became a place where we found connection and support.

🌈 Shared Stories, Shared Lives:

Our church is more than a building; it’s a tapestry woven with the stories of countless lives.

Thank you to everyone, past and present, for being part of this vibrant Community.

🙏 Grateful for You:

Thank you to every member who shared smiles, tears, and laughter.

Your presence made our Community a place of love and acceptance.

🌟 Legacy of Love:

As we close this chapter, let’s carry forward the legacy of faith, love, and Community.

The bonds we created will live on in each of us.

🌺 Not Goodbye, See You Later:

While the physical space is closing, our hearts stay open. Let’s continue supporting each other.

It’s not goodbye; it’s just a transition to new beginnings.

With love,

Peace of Plymouth